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Jason Raphael Rambach

Position: Researcher
Phone: +49 (0)631 20575 3740

Jason Rambach received his Diploma in Computer Engineering at the University of Patras, Greece and his M.Sc. in Information and Communication Engineering at the TU Darmstadt, Germany. After working at AGT Group R&D in Darmstadt for 2 years as a student and as a Researcher, he now has a position at DFKI from July 2015 as a Researcher and PhD candidate in the Augmented Vision department. His research interests include Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Signal Processing. 

3 Publications by Jason Raphael Rambach:

Augmented Reality based on Edge Computing using the example of Remote Live Support
Michael Schneider, Jason Raphael Rambach, Didier Stricker
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT-17), March 22-25, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Learning to Fuse: A Deep Learning Approach to Visual-Inertial Camera Pose Estimation
Jason Raphael Rambach, Aditya Tewari, Alain Pagani, Didier Stricker
IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR-2016), September 19-23, Merida, Mexico
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Collaborative Multi-Camera Face Recognition and Tracking
Jason Raphael Rambach, Marco F. Huber, Mark R. Balthasar, Abdelhak M. Zoubir
IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal based Surveillance (AVSS-2015), August 25-28, Karlsruhe, Germany
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