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Jigyasa Singh Katrolia

Position: Researcher
Phone: +49 631 20575 3528
2 Publications by Jigyasa Singh Katrolia:

DFKI Cabin Simulator: A Test Platform for Visual In-Cabin Monitoring Functions
Hartmut Feld, Bruno Mirbach, Jigyasa Singh Katrolia, Mohamed Selim, Oliver Wasenmüller, Didier Stricker
Commercial Vehicle Technology 2020 - Proceedings of the 6th Commercial Vehicle Technology Symposium - CVT 2020. Commercial Vehicle Technology Symposium (CVT) 6th International Commercial Vehicle Technology Symposium Kaiserslautern Kaiserlautern Germany Springer 2020 .
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OPEDD: Off-Road Pedestrian Detection Dataset
Peter Neigel, Mina Ameli, Jigyasa Singh Katrolia, Hartmut Feld, Oliver Wasenmüller, Didier Stricker
Journal of WSCG. International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision (WSCG-2020) May 19-21 Virtual (due to CoVid-19) Czech Republic Seiten 197-202 28 1-2 ISBN 1213-6972 7/2020 .
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