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Dr. Bertram Taetz

Position: Senior Researcher
Phone: +49 (0)631 20575 3740

Bertram Taetz joined the Department Augmented Vision of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI GmbH) in Kaiserslautern as Senior Researcher in April 2013.

He studied Mathematics and Physics in Germany and England (Durham University) and received his M.Sc. from Ruhr University Bochum (RUB), Germany, in 2009.

Focusing on numerical methods for partial differential equations as well as constrained optimization techniques for 2D and 3D reconstruction, he received his PhD in Mathematics from Ruhr University Bochum in 2012.

His research interests are in numerical and statistical methods, in particular optimization methods, for dynamical systems, reconstruction and machine learning. In the Augmented Vision group he focuses on motion analysis (tracking) in 2D and 3D, as well as 3D and 4D reconstruction of non-rigid objects from video and depth sensors.

Research interests:

  • Numerical, statistical (optimization) methods for dynamical systems, computer vision (mostly tracking and reconstruction) and machine learning
  • 3D, 4D reconstruction from images and depth sensors
7 Publications by Dr. Bertram Taetz:

Occlusion-Aware Video Registration for Highly Non-Rigid Objects
Bertram Taetz, Gabriele Bleser, Vladislav Golyanik, Didier Stricker
IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV-2016), March 7-9, Lake Placid, NY, USA
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Extended Coherent Point Drift Algorithm with Correspondence Priors and Optimal Subsampling
Vladislav Golyanik, Bertram Taetz, Gerd Reis, Didier Stricker
IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV-2016), March 7-9, Lake Placid, NY, USA
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Adding Model Constraints to CNN for Top View Hand Pose Recognition in Range Images
Aditya Tewari, Frederic Grandidier, Bertram Taetz, Didier Stricker
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference in Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods ICPRAM 2016 International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods (ICPRAM-05), 5th, February 24-26, Rome, Italy
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Joint Pre-Alignment and Robust Rigid Point Set Registration
Vladislav Golyanik, Bertram Taetz, Didier Stricker
International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP-16), Phoenix, AZ, USA
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Flow Fields: Dense Correspondence Fields for Highly Accurate Large Displacement Optical Flow Estimation
Christian Bailer, Bertram Taetz, Didier Stricker
Computer Vision (ICCV) International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV-15), December 13-16, Santiago, Chile
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Using Mutual Independence of Slow Features for Improved Information Extraction and Better Hand-Pose Classification
Aditya Tewari, Bertram Taetz, Frédéric Grandidier, Didier Stricker

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Ambulatory inertial spinal tracking using constraints
Markus Miezal, Bertram Taetz, Norbert Schmitz, Gabriele Bleser
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Body Area Networks International Conference on Body Area Networks (Bodynets-09), October 29 - November 1, London, United Kingdom