Joint Pre-Alignment and Robust Rigid Point Set Registration

Joint Pre-Alignment and Robust Rigid Point Set Registration
Vladislav Golyanik, Bertram Taetz, Didier Stricker
IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP-16), September 25-29, Phoenix, AZ, USA

We present an elegant solution to joint pre-alignment and rigid point set registration, given prior matches. Instead of performing pre-alignment and the actual registration in the separate steps, prior matches explicitly influence the registration procedure in our approach. This results in several advantages. Firstly, our approach solves the pre-alignment task — an approximate resolving of rotation and translation — with an insufficient number of prior correspondences, when other methods fail. Secondly, it produces more accurate rigid registrations of noisy point sets than the state of the art Coherent Point Drift method. Combined with application specific methods for correspondence establishment, we demonstrate superiority of our approach in several synthetic and real-world scenarios.
Point set registration, image registration, prior matches, Coherent Point Drift