Key-Impuls talk of Prof. Didier Stricker at MIT:Futura in Berlin

Prof. Didier Stricker gave a key impulse talk about „Technologiy and Innovation“ in the area of Digital Technology at the MIT:Futura. The event analyzed barriers for digitalization, creation of start-ups and large capital investment in Germany. Investors, founders and European Commissar for Digitalization – Mr Oettinger – discussed current situation and possible changes for speeding-up technological changes at economical and societal level.

Spin-off IOXP won national ICT price!


The new spin-off of the department Augmented Vision of DFKI won the prestigious start-ups ICT price of the Ministry of Economy.

The team of 4 formers members of the department were congratulated at the Cebit fair 2015.

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3Digify at the Cebit 2015

The new technology in the area of 3D scanning has been presented for the first time at the Cebit.

The big success confirmed the relevance of the approach and need for such solution.

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Eyes of Things

…is the newly started European project at AV.

The kick-off meeting was held on January 27th 2015 at the University of Castilla-La Mancha.

Read also the press release on the Kick-off meeting.

If you are interested in the project’s goals and objectives, partners and the idea behind it, please check also the project website

We proudly congratulate Dr. Gabriele Bleser and…


… the WearHEALTH team for their success being one of the eight winners of the prestigious Young Researchers Competition called by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) on the field of “interdisciplinary competence development in the research field human-machine interaction for demographic change”.

If you are curious and would like to know who or what is WearHEALTH .

We are hiring
Closing Keynote speech by Nils Petersen
Closing Keynote speech by Nils Petersen at Industry Simposium
When:     Tuesday, 30th September 2014, 16:10 pm
Where:    Maritim proArte Hotel Berlin, 
Address:  Friedrichstraße 151, 10117 Berlin
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Two papers accepted at ECCV 2014

ECCV 2014

Two publications were accepted at the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) 2014. ECCV is one of the top conferences for researchers in the field of computer vision.

Christian Bailer, Alain Pagani, Didier Stricker
A Superior Tracking Approach: Building a strong Tracker through Fusion

Tobias Nöll, Johannes Köhler, Didier Stricker
Robust and Accurate Non-Parametric Estimation of Reflectance using Basis Decomposition and Correction Functions

ECCV 2014 takes place for the 13th time and will be held from September 6th to September 12th in Zürich (Switzerland).

Alain Pagani schließt Promotion erfolgreich ab


Alain Pagani hat am 13.06.2014 seine Dissertation mit der wissenschaftlichen Aussprache erfolgreich abgeschlossen.

Seine Doktorarbeit trägt den Titel „Reality models for efficient registration in Augmented Reality“.  In seiner Arbeit befasste sich Alain Pagani mit mathematischen Modellen realer Objekte oder Szenen, um das Problem der Kameraregistrierung im Forschungsfeld  Erweiterte  Realität zu behandeln. Die vorgeschlagenen bildbasierte Verfahren ermöglichen  eine effiziente Kamerapose-Berechnung  in unterschiedlichen Szenarien und lösen somit eine grundliegende Herausforderung der erweiterten Realität.

Gutachter der Arbeit sind Prof. Dr. Didier Stricker und Prof. Dr. Michael Felsberg (Linköping University).

Wir gratulieren Alain Pagani herzlich zu diesem Erfolg!

ARTE FUTERMAG interviewed Prof. Stricker to AlterEGO project


A Franco-German TV Network ARTE (ARTE FUTUREMAG) interviewed Prof. Dr. Didier Stricker to the european project AlterEGO.

The full interview is available in german and french languages (see links below)