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Alireza Javanmardi

Position: Researcher
Phone: +49 631 20575 3502

Alireza Javanmardi obtained his B.S. degree and M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering. He did his master’s thesis in Face Spoofing Detection and Generative Modeling. Since November 2022, he has joined DFKI as a researcher working on CORTEX2 project. His research interests include Deep Learning based Image Synthesis and Neural Rendering.

*If you are interested in Master’s thesis or Hiwi positions, feel free to contact me.

1 Publications by Alireza Javanmardi:

CORTEX² Extended collaborative telepresence for future work and education
Alain Pagani, Nareg Minaskan Karabid, Alireza Javanmardi, Yaxu Xie, Sylvain Rivier, Vincent Bailleau, Emmanuel Helbert, Pierre-Yves Noel, Yazid Benazzouz, Jean-Pierre Lorré, Franklyn Ohai, Maja Nisevic, Anton Vedder, Gael de Chalendar, Vasileios Theodorou, Ilia Pietri, Maria-Evgenia Xezonaki, Florian Andres, Lydia Szymendera, Olivier Grzelak, Cristina Gasch, Azucena Garcia-Palacios
In: Research Colloquium. Leading & Managing in the Digital Era (LMDE-2023), June 19-20, Athens, Greece, LMDE, 2023.
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