Team MT3DS

The MT3DS - Medical Technologies and 3D Systems team is active in various areas of research and development. As the name suggests, we are very interested in all technological developments in human and veterinary medicine. We mainly develop software for the evaluation of digital medical data such as images (MRI, CT, US, ...), for the reconstruction of 3D models of organs or bodies and for the development of special hardware such as intelligent sensors.

Parallel to the medical field, MT3DS works in the field of 3D digitization of real objects and the processing of digitized objects. This ranges from the construction of non-contact scanners including special software for object reconstruction and material estimation based on optical images, to the reconstruction of anatomical structures using CT or MRI data, to the reconstruction of the earth's surface using satellite images.

Finally, the team works on projects with a very strong technical component in order to create product-oriented solutions. The main goal is to develop very robust and fault-tolerant systems that deliver useful results even under imperfect conditions. Topics are not limited to a specific area, but should be related to either artificial intelligence or computer vision.