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Project „Eyes of Things“ concludes with best achievements

The Augmented Vision Group of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) presented the results of the European project “Eyes of Things” (Grant number 643924) during a final review in September 2018, together with seven partners from across Europe. Following the overall goal of the project, the consortium delivered a miniature and independent Computer Vision system based on a low-power and dedicated vision processor from the company Intel Movidius, with interfaces to three different energy-efficient cameras (AMS-Awaiba NanEye, Sony, Himax). The battery-powered device has a very small form factor, and is able to run computer vision tasks continuously (“always on”) for several days. The developed wireless interface allows for exchanging processed data with companion devices (tablets, smartphones) or for storing information in the cloud. The versatility of the Eyes Of Things device could be successfully demon-strated through the development of four different applications: A doorbell surveillance application which notifies the house owner about visits on his smartphone, a therapy doll which analyses the emotion profile of young patients through vision-based emotion recognition, a multi-purpose camera which synchronizes user-defined events in a cloud-based virtual memory and an intelligent audio guide for museums which recognizes artworks and automatically plays contextual audio comments. During the review, the partners presented the results of pilot tests for all demonstrators.  The consortium received the mention “all project aims have been successfully achieved”, which is the highest possible review outcome. Two of the project’s demonstrators – the multi-purpose surveillance camera and the Augmented Museum Guide – will be developed and commercialized as user products in partnership with DFKI in the upcoming months.

Contact: Dr. Alain Pagani