ExtremeXP – EXPerimentation driven and user eXPerience-oriented analytics for eXtremely Precise outcomes and decisions

ExtremeXP will provide:

  • Specification and semantics for modelling complex user-experience-driven analytics.
  • Automated and scalable data management for complex analytics workflow.
  • Scenario-driven and opportunistic machine learning to design and develop AutoML mechanisms for performing scenario-based algorithm and model selection considering on-demand user-provided constraints (performance, resources, time, model options).
  • User-experience- and experiment-driven optimization of complex analytics to design the architecture of the framework for experiment-driven optimisation of complex analytics.
  • Transparent decision making with interactive visualisation methods to explore how augmented reality, visual analytics, and other visualisation techniques and their combinations can enhance user experience for different use cases, actors, domains, applications, and problem areas
  • Extreme data access control and knowledge management
  • Test and validation framework and application on different impactful real-life use cases to incorporate the ExtremeXP tools, methods, models, and software into a scalable, usable, and interoperable integrated framework for complex experiment-driven analytics


  1. Athena Research Center (coordinator) [Greece]
  2. Activeeon [France]
  3. Airbus Defense and Spaces SLC [France]
  4. BitSparkles [France]
  5. Bournemouth University [United Kingdom]
  6. CS-Group [France]
  7. Charles University of Prague [Czech Republic]
  8. Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz [Germany]
  9. Fundacio Privada I2cat, Internet I Innovacio Digital A Catalunya [Spain]
  10. Institute of Communications and Computer Systems [Greece]
  11. IDEKO [Spain]
  12. INTERACTIVE4D [France]
  14. IThinkUPC [Spain]
  15. MOBY X [Cyprus]
  16. SINTEF [Norway]
  17. Technical University of Delft [Netherlands]
  18. University of Ljubljana [Slovenia]
  19. Universitat Politècnica De Catalunya [Spain]
  20. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam [Netherlands]

Dr. Mohamed Selim