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Mariia Podguzova

Position: Researcher

I work in the team “KI-Rebschnitt”, which I joined in February 2022. Our main goal is to develop an AI-based application to facilitate vine grapes pruning.
I have a B. Sc. degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk, Russia) and a M. Sc. degree in Computer Science from the University of Stuttgart. During the study, I completed an internship at Bosch GmbH in Stuttgart where I was working on the project related to uncertainty quantification and calibration for the deep-learning-based object detector in the field of autonomous driving. I was also working as a student assistant at MPI for Intelligent Systems in Tübingen. I supported the Embodied Vision Group in developing a simulation environment for learning-based navigation. My Master’s thesis was dedicated to the problem of “Image reconstruction from human brain activity by variational autoencoder and adversarial learning”. My research interests include machine and deep learning, computer vision, generative models and uncertainty in deep learning.

1 Publications by Mariia Podguzova:

Vid2Cuts: A Framework for Enabling AI-Guided Grapevine Pruning
Simon Häring, Sophie Folawiyo, Mariia Podguzova, Stephan Krauß, Didier Stricker
In: IEEE Access (IEEE), Vol. 12, Pages 5814-5836, IEEE, 1/2024.
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