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    Team ”Computer Vision and Augmented Reality”.
    The Team Computer Vision and Augmented Reality focuses on the visual
    perception and scene understanding for human-machine interaction and in
    particular […]

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    Augmented Vision Group

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    Team SSMP (Spatial Sensing and Machine Perception), led by Dr. Jason Rambach, focuses on the use of diverse 3D/2D sensing modalities (RGB/Stereo/ToF cameras, Radar, Lidar) to address challenging scene perception […]

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    The team Automotive Scene Understanding (ASU) pioneers visual perception advancements for assisted and automated driving. Specializing in diverse perception tasks, the team excels in multi-modal and heterogeneous […]

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    MLP is ”Multimodal Learning and Perception”.
    Our work in artificial intelligence is centered around the concept of multimodality. We are pioneering the integration of diverse sensory data into cohesive […]

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    The MT3DS – Medical Technologies and 3D Systems team is active in various areas of research and development. As the name suggests, we are very interested in all technological developments in human and veterinary […]

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    The Human Performance Capture (HPC) team specializes in topics related to the fast and precise tracking of human movement and their interactions with the surroundings from highly constrained input, such as […]

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    External members of the AV group

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    Management and senior researchers

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    Team wearHealth

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