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Successful final review of the EU project SUDPLAN

Brussels, 26th February 2013. Today, the European project SUDPLAN has been reviewed successfully. During the final meeting in Brussels the reviewers of the European Commission emphasized again the importance of the achieved results and appreciated the developed SUDPLAN application.

The department Augmented Vision was responsible for the development of an advanced visualization part. Using a virtual globe the visualization component allows the user to relate any kind of spatial data directly to the underlying terrain model. Moreover, the visualization component provides different viewing modes, e.g. for large screens, stereoscopic displays, to enable the user to utilize such hardware and to immerse into the data. The results of the advanced visualization component can be found here here.

SUDPLAN is an EU FP7 project under the Information Communication Technology programme. The project focused on the development of a web-based planning, prediction and training tool to support decisions in long term urban planning. This helps to assure population´s health, comfort, safety and life quality as well as sustainability of investments in utilities and infrastructures within a changing climate.

The overall project results of SUDPLAN and many videos can be found here.