Welcome to the Augmented Vision department at DFKI

Our research fields include:

  • Computer Vision and Image Understanding: the current strong need for efficient 2D and 3D information extraction methods and deep understanding of a recorded scene lead to new research and technological challenges, which drive our research work. Current R&D topics are 3D/4D scene reconstruction (structure and motion estimation), text and object recognition and tracking in videos, scene interpretation.
  • Smart Sensor Networks: on-body sensor networks, Internet of Thing, together with the proliferation of low-power computing units provide a large number of novel application opportunities. The department “Augmented Vision” concentrates its effort on the development of advanced fusion and learning algorithms implemented as hard- and software prototypes.
  • Visualization, Virtual and Augmented Reality: modelling the data and getting context from cameras and sensor networks allow developing novel interactive interfaces, which are intelligent, adaptive, and truly support the user.

The work is carried out in the context of basic research grants, publicly founded national and European projects, and direct orders from the industry. As provider of technology, DFKI-AV’s contributions are independent from the applications areas. Current projects are anchored in high-impact context, including Factory of the Future (Industry 4.0), Health, Smart City, Cognitive Robotic Systems, New Media, Safety and Security. The research department has been founded in 2008, is located in Kaiserslautern and directed by Prof. Dr. Didier Stricker.