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Christen Millerdurai

Position: Researcher

I joined the AV department in February 2024, working under Prof. Dr. Didier Stricker and Dr. Alain Pagani.

I did my master’s degree from Saarland University, specialising in visual computing. My Master’s thesis, conducted under the supervision of Dr. Vladislav Golyanik at MPII in Saarbruecken, focused on event camera-based egocentric 3D human pose estimation. During my Master’s studies, I also interned at AUDI AG, where I focused on image-based diffusion models. I earned my B.Eng in Electronics from St. Joseph’s Institute of Technology, India, with my bachelor’s thesis supervised by Prof. Dr. Gnana Kousalya, focusing on developing AI-assisted bots for visually impaired individuals.


I am currently looking for motivated Hiwis who are passionate about exploring cutting-edge research in the field of “Hand-object interaction.” There is also a possibility of pursuing a thesis with us in the future. If you are interested, please contact me.