Profile picture of Aheli Saha

Aheli Saha

Position: Researcher

Aheli has a passion for applying artificial intelligence to real-world problems, particularly in the field of autonomous technology. Her experience spans various fields, including computer vision for autonomous vehicles, underwater robotics, and medical information retrieval. Previously, she has worked on projects ranging from developing an AI-powered invoice management system to segmenting tumors in medical scans. Currently, at DFKI, she is working on an event-based vision for autonomous systems.

Aheli holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Technology and obtained her Master’s degree in Visual Computing from Universität des Saarlandes in 2024. She did her Master’s thesis at MPI-Informatics, under Dr. Shaoshuai Shi and Prof. Dr. Bernt Schiele on the topic of End-to-End Autonomous Driving.