OrcaM Reconstruction Sequences
This video demonstrates first detail results of the OrcaM 3D reconstruction system by means of Wilhelm Lehmbruck’s sculpture “Female Torso”, bronze, 1918.
At the very beginning of the video the sculpture is depicted as wireframe model, to show the fairly low resolution of the basic geometry (generated from a point cloud of approximately 300 million points). This geometry comprises less than 20k triangles, hence it is suited for most tasks. Nevertheless lots of detail information is provided as the respective diffuse rendering demonstrates (00:12).

To provide more detail we apply a high resolution normal map (currently with 16M pixels resolution). The respective result is shown starting at 00:20. Note that illumination effects apply, so the rendering appears a bit darker. Starting at 00:30 the model is rendered using diffuse texture colour only, which is used as basic colour. Note that no illumination has been calculated.
The final reconstruction result can be found at the end of the video (00:40), where respective anisotropic material parameters have been applied. For a Orcam System Demonstration see http://youtu.be/zHEi55oJJOA