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Yan Cui
Yan Cui
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Yan Cui received his M.S. degree from Visual Computing group leaded by Prof. Dr. Weickert in Saarland university (2009). Studying and researching the topics of differential equations, optical flow and feature descriptor in Image Processing and Computer Vision.

Now Yan Cui is PhD student in the Augmented Vision group at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence in the context of the CAPTURE Project. The CAPTURE project is related to large 3D scene reconstruction with spherical and high dynamic range images. He is also very interested in 3D reconstruction and tracking human pose with time of flight camera in real time.

Main research interests are:

  • 3D reconstruction with color images
  • 3D reconstruction with ToF camera
  • Tracking human body pose with ToF camera
  • Spherical and High Dynamic Range images
  • SIFT and affine invariant image descriptors


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